In a city like Paris, having always had kind of a retrò soul, vintage shops flourish like daisies on a 70s blouse. 

While walking around the arrondissement and the covered galleries, you breathe in an old-time air, where the real charm of the city lies. So, between raspberry macarons and bookstands, where can you find the best vintage clothing prices of the city?

But first, it’s important to know that French people give custom names to everything: you will hear thrifts store being called by the names “fripe” or “friperie”, and you can find them in every neighborhood. We chose the best and the most curious/intriguing ones, to arrive back home with a suitcase full of chic and old-time items.

Kilo Shop Marais (69-71 rue de la Verrerie 75004). Half a pound of jeans and a pound of flower shirts. 

Fill up the bags, weigh it all, et voilà, the price is up to the weight.

There are colthes, dresses and trousers for any taste, just pay attention to the labels, because some pieces have a fixed price and they aren’t included in the “weight”.

Mam’zelle Swing (35 bis Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004). Walking around Marais, it’s impossible not to notice this small boutique, having shop windows that beam with a 20s matte rouge lipstick colored shine. Inside, you can find styles and dresses that range from the Roaring Twenties to the 60s: bon ton suits and chic details. A real marvel-wonder for the eyes (less for the wallet) to the people who are keen on such kind of style. 

L’Objet qui Parle (86 Rue des Martyrs, 75018). Who says that the vintage shopping should be just for clothing? In this incredible shop, that you can find around the rues of the always charming Montmartre, you’ll have to have plenty of patience and time, because it’s a the typical place where you can discover real gems, digging through piles of ugly and useless junk. But, right inside that awful sugar bowl, a mirror could be hiding, and although it may be consumed and old, it could be one that caught a young Brigitte Bardot’s intense eye.

Ragtime (23 Rue de l’Échaudé – 75006). Don’t be fooled by the window shop’s kinda trashy look, behind that door, in St. Germain des Près, hides a real treasure. The property owner is Françoise Auguet, she is a true collector (and expert) of art… in materials. Here you can try high fashion pieces, or wrap yourself in a pure silk scarf, letting its story cuddle you. Christian Dior’s tailleur surely doesn’t have the price of a yard sale shirt, but it will be the most memorable item in your whole wardrobe.

Mad Vintage (more than one store, of these the best ones are those found on 66th Rue Saint-Denis, and on 139th Rue Saint-Martin). No knee length dresses, if to you “vintage” means to immerse in the colorful 80s and dare with faux fur and shiny micro-short, you can find what you are looking for in this huge warehouse. The prices are low (the majority of clothes costs around 15€). If you don’t mind wearing used sneakers, this place isn’t lacking in retro design Converse All stars. Maybe you can match a pair with some skinny jeans, even though right now they are back in fashion, so they’re actually more modern than vintage!