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Brunch in New York


How do you like it? Middle-east flavoured, classic or chic?

You better be an eggs lover, as the most classic dish of the NY brunch are eggs Benedict.

The traditional version includes an English muffin cut in half and topped with bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

There is also a “Florentine version” with spinach instead of bacon.

Apparently, this recipe was invented in the Waldorf Astoria by a customer who was trying to deal with a massive hangover.

Now, you know not only what to order, but also a nice story to share over one of the delicious brunch spots we’ve chosen for you.

  • Brasserie 8 1/2 (Solow Building, 9 West 57th St): maybe it’s the free refill Mimosa, the mini pastries or the stylish buffet in a charming location, but on Saturday mornings this place is pure vintage.
  • Café Mogador (East Village, 101 St Marks Place): a Parisian look for this for Café that offers a spicy brunch and several kinds of eggs Benedict, along with an interesting cardamom scented menu.
  • Champs Diner (197 Meserole Street): plenty of vegan options and all the classic American comfort food, including stylish cheeseburgers and pancakes. Here you’ll find plenty of tasty ideas such as the blueberry pie milkshake: ice cream, pie, blueberries and whipped cream… delicious but maybe not your lighter option.
  • If all you crave is a senses-awakening avocado on toast, a special mentions goes to Banter (169 Sullivan Street), with its goat cheese, tomato and pumpkin seeds toast, and Dudley’s (85 Orchard Street) with his incredibly rich poached egg topped toast.