Head notes

Bitter orange



Heart notes


Amber wood

Warm notes

The contrast between the hot sun and the irresistible freshness of the sea is well represented by the violet in the head notes. Followed by bitter orange, nutmeg and lavender in the heart notes. The warm notes of leather woods and amber in the base notes seal this fragrance.



The bottle colours are the same as the jus inside it, green as a palm leaf, ideal to emphasize the yellow of the lettering and on the chromed closure details.

On the pack with metallic finishing it can be seen the unique skyline of Ocean Drive seen from the sea and framed by a palm leaf , symbol of the tropical clima of Miami.

In the masculine version the background is green with yellow lime lettering.


A love story on Ocean Drive

The chosen visual for the fragrance is a mix between a photo and an illustration.

The image of Ocean Drive, with the beach in the foreground, the lifeguard watchtower and the palms,merges with a picture of a young couple which is taking a selfie.

Miami has been seen with eyes in love: its warmth, its energy and its joy of life are waiting for you!